Editing For Inclusion: Changing The World

Image text reads: let's stop and think to make sure all voices are heard…

Miranda K. Lloyd reviews Conscious Language
Recommended reading: “Conscious language: making editorial decisions for inclusion”.

Back in November 2020, I was lucky enough to attend the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading’s annual conference for the first time. I was privileged to watch developmental editor Sarah Grey’s talk, “Conscious language: making editorial decisions for inclusion”.

The session was thought-provoking and insightful. Take three minutes to read my summary over on the CIEP blog. Hopefully, whether you write or edit, you’ll find the summary as useful as I found the original talk.

Sarah Grey (@GreyEditing) is a development editor at O’Reilly Media. Sarah is a highly experienced editor, working on technical texts across the humanities and specialising in social and political non-fiction. She is a Robinson Prize laureate and delivers workshops and seminars about editing and language-related topics around the world. Her opinions are her own.

Image credit: CIEP.

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