Image shows a pot of pennies. I like to ensure you get a fair price for your project.

The cost of your project will depend on:

  • The level of proofreading or editing needed
  • The length of your work
  • Your deadline

For larger projects or long-term work, it may be possible to agree a fixed fee.

How Do You Know You’re Getting A Fair Price?

I find it very helpful to discuss your project beforehand, to find out what stage you’re at and what you want from an editor and proofreader.

Before I provide a quote for your project, I will also do a sample edit or proofread of your work.

Assessing a small part of your work (10% of the total word count for projects 5,000 words and under, or 500 words for projects that are longer than 5,000 words) will help me get a good understanding of the level of editing or proofreading required and the scope of your project.

This means you get a fair price, and I get a fair understanding of what will be involved.

Find out more about proofreading and editing here.

Please contact me to discuss your project. Use this handy contact form to get in touch.